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Model 501

Model 501 Analyzer/Field Noise Capture

Main Features

  • Capture, analyze and monitor live noise/interference on a DSL line
  • Includes Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Includes FFT-based Spectrum Analyzer
  • Up to 212 MHz
  • Portable or rack-mountable high-performance system with 2 capture channels
  • Nonintrusive differential mode probe
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Troubleshoot real field conditions
  • Export to wide range of file types
  • Noise Capturing
  • Concurrent visual feedback of capture data and free space remaining
  • Computation of impulse noise statistics
  • View capture in time/frequency domain
  • Up to 8 TB of storage
  • Lab Testing
  •      Evaluate crosstalk on real cable for
  •      Testing on both sides of network simultaneously
  •      Performs PSD mask verification without separate measurements
  •      Measures TDD inter-symbol gap
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    product overview

    Now you can capture live field noise and export it to a wide variety of formats with a bandwidth of 106 MHz. The Analyzer is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer in one portable, high-performance system. Perform PSD mask verification and measure the TDD inter-symbol gap with one instrument using the software's PSD and TDD analysis features.

    Bring live noise from the field back to the lab for injection into test loops. Prepare crosstalk and impulse files for export to the Model 4902 Multi-Output Noise Generator with this 212 MHz system, capable of transparently capturing high frequency interference. The MATLAB-based interface provides convenient options for range selection, sampling rate, capture length and more.

    The solution operates in three capture modes for control of recording of time. The Solution also acts as a real-time, general purpose, portable data acquisition system. This convenient feature can be used during installation and maintenance or for spectrum monitoring and analysis to support documentation and reports on the field environment.  

    ID-337 Test Automation

    Using the 501-Portable (or 501-HD) with the 501-JIG and the 501-Probe-D’s is an ideal solution for automating many tests in ID-337 (the Broadband Forum's Certification Test Plan). The 501-JIG provides two test tools for ID-337 testing (PSD Test Jig and TIGA Test Jig) while the 501-Probe-D can be used for the ID-337 Timing Tests. With these tools the following tests can be easily integrated into your Automated Test Environment - saving valuable time and money:

    ID-337 Tests

    PSD Test Jig (Use 501-JIG)

    6.2.1 PSD Limit Mask Test

    6.2.2 Sub-carrier Masking Test

    6.2.3 PSD Shaping Test

    6.2.4 RFI Notching Test

    6.2.5 UPBO Test 

    TIGA Test Jig (Use 501-JIG)

    6.2.6 TIGA Test 

    Timing Tests (Use 501-Probe-D)

    6.3.1 TDD Inter-frame Gap Test 

    6.3.2 DS and US ratio configuration (MDS) Test   

    6.5 Discontinuous Operation Test 


    Ordering Options

    Model Number Description
    Model 501-Portable Analyzer/Field Noise Capture  with built in monitor and keyboard*
    Model 501-HD Analyzer/Field Noise Capture, rack-mountable version**
    Model 501-Probe-D Single Channel Differential Probe
    Model 501-JIG (coming soon) Test Jig (for ID-337 PSD Mask test and TIGA Test)

    * Includes software, high-performance PC, and soft travel case with wheels and telescoping handle.

    ** Includes software and high-performance PC.




    Solution Specifications - Software
    Software ( Analyzer GUI)
    File Size Continuous file capture until hard drive full or capture length reached, whichever occurs first.
    Selections Capture Mode or FFT Spectrum Analyzer
    Voltage Range
    Sample Rate
    Capture Time
    Portion for Analysis
    Storage location
    Manual Capture Start/Stop
    Trigger Voltage Level
    Trigger Sample Quantity and Length
    Pre-trigger Sample Quantity
    Display Remaining capture time and free space available
    Captured sequence
    Noise Statistics
    Noise in Time Domain
    Noise in Frequency Domain
    FFT-based Spectrum Analyzer
    Analysis Computations accelerated using NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture
    Plot of waveform in time domain
    Plot of power spectral density (PSD) PSD mask verification TDD analysis
    Probability density of:
         Noise Amplitude
         Impulse Burst Duration
         Inter-Burst Intervals
    File Export Wide variety including formats suitable for import into the Model 4902 Multi-Output Noise Generator

    Solution Specifications – Hardware
    High-Performance PC

    Processor Intel Core i7-5930K 3.5GHz
    Capture Modes Noise Capture Mode
    Noise Monitor Mode
    Spectrum Analyzer Mode
    Memory 16 GB RAM
    Storage OS: 128 GB SSD
    Noise Capture: 8 x 1 TB SSD in RAID0
    Example of Storage Available Based on Sample Rate (using Noise Capture Mode):
    No. of Channels Storage
    Sample Rate
    1 8 500 212 ~136 minutes
    2 8 500 212 ~68 minutes
    Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Power 88 to 264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
    Noise Floor -150 dBm/Hz
    Bandwidth 212 MHz
    Capture Channel 2 x 14-bit, 500 MS/s, 4 GB memory
    501-Probe-D Differential Mode Line Probe
    Max. Signal Level
    (In Band)
    5 V p-p 0 dB attenuation, 50 V p-p 20 dB attenuation
    Max. Input Voltage 200 V p-p AC Ringing, 400 V DC
    Input Impedance > 4K-ohms Balanced
    Attenuation 0 dB or 20 dB switchable with overload indicator
    Output Noise Floor Below -145 dBm/Hz over Band
    Bandwidth 138 kHz to 212 MHz
    Connectors Input: 2, RJ-45’s for inserting into line
    Output: 50 ohms SMA connector
    Power +12V provided from external modular supply
 Test Jig
    Channels 4 for TIGA test and 1 for PSD Mask Test
    Input Impedance for PSD Mask test Channel and TIGA test channels 100 ohms
    Voltage Transfer function for PSD Mask Channel Between 826 VTF_MIN = -20dB and VTF_MAX = -17dB
    Voltage Transfer function for TIGA test channels
    f [kHz] VTF_MIN [dB] VTF_MAX [dB]
    25 -20 -17
    1000 -20 -17
    10000 -23 -17
    30000 -36 -17
    60000 -36 -23
    120000 -36 -23
    ELFEXT for TIGA test channels
    f [kHz] ELFEXT_MIN [dB]

    Line#2 -> Line#1


    Line#2 -> Line#1

    ELFEXT_MIN [dB]Line#3 -> Line#1Line#4 -> Line#1 ELFEXT_MAX [dB]Line#3 -> Line#1Line#4 -> Line#1
    138 N/A -49 N/A -49
    1000 N/A -32 N/A -35
    10000 -38 -12 -41 -15
    30000 -9 -3 -12 -6
    60000 -3 0 -6 -3
    120000 0 3 -3 0
    Bandwidth 138 kHz to 106 MHz
    Connectors 10 (2 RJ-45’s each channel)
    4 SMA connectors for output to Analyzer
    Power 88 to 264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz


    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA