Model 458-LM-E1-36-TP100

Model 458-LM-E1-30-tp100
This product is no longer available

Main Features

  • Simulates TP100 as specified in ETSI TS 101 270-1 & G.992.5 Annex M
  • Bandwidth DC to 30 MHz
  • Ideal for testing ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 chips/modems/DSLAMs
  • Loop lengths programmable from 0 to 9,000 m in 10-m increments
  • Plugs into our Model 458-CC-16 (16-slot) or 458-3SLB (3-Slot) chassis
  • Loop Lengths and AWGN levels can be controlled manually via front panel
    of chassis, or remotely via RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488 (GPIB)
  • Optional White Noise (AWGN) Generator (-90 dBm/Hz to -145 dBm/Hz)
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product overview

The Model 458-LM-E1-30-TP100 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator is the ideal solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing out to 9,000 m in very small increments. Optional noise may be ordered that adds in variable AWGN on the CO and CPE side, allowing for common or independent noise levels on both sides.

This powerful local loop simulator is plugged into our Model 458-3SLB (3-Slot) or 458-CC-16 (16 Slot) chassis where settings are controlled by a convenient keypad located on the front, RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488(GPIB). The modular design of Telebyte's products allows the 458-LM-E1-30-TP100 to be combined with other line modules for a wide variety of test configurations.

Ordering Options
458-LM-E1-30-TP100Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator Local Loop without noise
458-LM-E1-30-TP100-AWGN2 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator
with (2) AWGN Generator Modules
Local Loop with two independent noise
sources at the CO and/or CPE end

Product Specifications

Model 458-LM-E1-30-TP100 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator with Optional AWGN Generator
SimulationAccurately simulates attenuation and impedance
Full bidirectional operation at all specified frequencies
TP100 as specified in ETSI TS 101 270-1 & G.992.5 Annex M
Optional White Noise (AWGN) Generator
Bandwidth DC to 30 MHz.
Attenuation Accuracy
(when source and load
impedances are 100 ohms)
MAE < 1 dB 20 kHz to 30 MHz
Maximum Attenuation > 90 dB
Impedance Accuracy Typically +/- 10% 20 kHz to 30 MHz
Maximum Voltage Tip ֠Ring 200 V
Maximum Current 130 mA
Connectors 2 RJ-45ӳ on front
Optional White Noise (AWGN)
Generator (add-on sub-module)
-90 dBm/Hz to -145 dBm/Hz in 0.25-dBm increments

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA